Do you feel lost and confused wanting to be published?


Publishing is a unique world and is a maze of uncharted waters for an author.
Let me help you navigate the labyrinth of the publishing world in the 21st century.

It isn’t as simple as writing a book!

Being a successfully published author requires a substantial amount of information from which you create a solid foundation that allows you to build a successful future in publishing.

Ask yourself the following questions and if you say no to any, you will benefit from one or more of my sessions.

Do you know the course of a book from conception to delivery? The difference between traditional and self publishing?

Do you know the proper way to write a proposal that will be noticed?

Do you know the timeline required for publishing and all the steps?

Do you know the importance of establishing a platform? Do you understand why you need social media to sell books?

Do you know how to get yourself in front of agents to be signed?

Do you know what a book release is and where publicity fits into your pocketbook?

Do you know the difference between a publicist, agent, and manager?

Many of my clients have said they wished they had known the ins and outs before they began writing; it would have made their work so much easier and fruitful, and it would have saved them thousands of dollars.

With my qualified coaching and a solid base of knowledge you will be more successful in becoming the author you want to be in the market


I will give you the clarity to know if writing a book is even the best goal for your time and money.


My experience will help you

I have been a successful literary agent for over 10 years. I have the experience.

I have worked with publishers on all levels of traditional publishing.

I know how difficult this process is and have successfully assisted numerous published and  self-published authors navigate their path to success.

I have also worked in public relations and marketing for over 20 years.

What you will get with individualized classes/coaching:

Our one-on-one discussion provides you the opportunity to ask questions and get accurate answers to help you. I have a working knowledge of the multi-facets of publishing today.

You will benefit from my years of experience and knowledge.

You will receive an mp3 recording of our session to replay at your convenience.

I will help you understand the intricacies of the publishing world.

All classes are confidential. Your ideas and goals are shared with no one else.

Your book is a big business card-

(All the basics of why to publish a book)

($240) 2 one hour sessions

How will your book represent you to the world to advance your business?

Why should you write a book?

What is a ‘ghostwriter’ and when do you need one?

How can a book add income to your business?

What are the ups and downs of Traditional Publishing vs. Self Publishing?

Why do you need a publicist?

Is your title important?

Why is social media important?

Do you know what your brand is?

What to do if you're self-published

($240) 2 one hour sessions

Who to publish with?

What you should expect for support?

How much will this cost you?

What is PR and who does it?

How does Social Media help you sell books?

How to find and hire the right publicist.

What to do if the book is already published but not selling.

How to market your services as an editor or ghost writer.

The importance of knowing how to market yourself.

I will show you what you need to have on your web site.

Learn about the world of social media and how to reach authors or publishers needing your services.

Learn how to brand yourself.

How to connect with publishers.

I will work with your social media pages to give you guidance to make them more effective.


As a writer, I’m seldom at a loss for words, but when it comes to Devra Ann Jacobs, I’m tongue tied. Mentor, confidant, guide—are just a few words I use to express the wonder that is her. Besides the fact that she knows her way through every highway and byway of the book industry. If you’re seeking to find your way through the literary world you want Devra’s knowledge to guide you.
~Kelly Sullivan Walden, Bestselling Author, Dream Expert, Media Personality

As a published author - 4 times over - I feel blessed to have Devra in my corner of the publishing world.  She holds my hand (metaphorically speaking) when I'm doing a dreaded re-write for the publisher, she guides me through the proposal process - different for each publisher - and prepares me for media interviews and speaking engagements.   Writing a book is the easy part.  With what comes after to make it successful, I use her expertise, and suggest you do to!
~ Dr. Georgina Cannon. Author, Lecturer University of Toronto.

Working with Devra gave me the clarity to define my goals for writing a book. I am a trainer and coach of NLP, Hypnosis and Huna.  Many of my clients and students tell me to write a book to share my knowledge.  Devra showed me that I need to get my branding handled first to create the foundation I need to move a book project forward. She helped me to understand the publishing business as it is today and to get very clear on my reason for writing a book as well as what I will be required to do to get it published and distributed.  When I am ready to write the book and the proposal I will have her coach me though that as well. Avoiding the big mistakes will save me precious time and money.
~ Mary Ligon Accelerated Results Coach


Participation in one on one coaching with literary agent Devra Ann Jacobs does not insure representation of your work as an agent. These classes/sessions are separate from all agent services of Dancing Word Group LLC.
DWG Coaching LLC is a totally separate entity.

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